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Child & Spousal Support Lawyer in Ontario


At DAD LAW, our lawyers understand that divorce and separation usually mean support payments to your children and possibly your ex-spouse. Therefore, as child and spousal support lawyers in Ontario, we take a course of action that defends your rights as a father.


There are three categories of spousal support:

Compensatory spousal support addresses the economic disadvantages that flow from the relationship of roles adopted during the relationship.
Non­compensatory spousal support addresses disparities between the needs of the parties and the ability to meet those needs following the dissolution of a relationship.
Contractual spousal support addresses agreements or arrangements formed during the relationship.

On January 1st, 2005, the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines were introduced. These guidelines are intended to bring more certainty and predictability to the determination of the amount of ongoing spousal support if the recipient spouse is entitled to spousal support.


Unlike the Child Support Guidelines, these advisory guidelines do not have the binding force of law; however, they are applied by the courts in appropriate circumstances. The issue of spousal support continues to be decided on a case-by-case basis, and courts rely on the parties' respective financial statements to determine a fair amount of support.


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